The Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids (hCTO) Core strives to make research using human pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives accessible to all researchers.


  • Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines and Differentiated Cells: NIH-approved hESC lines (H1, H9), as well as differentiated cell types (e.g. neural progenitors, cardiomyocytes, astrocytes, etc).
  • Tissue Culture Facilities for Rent: Access to biosafety cabinets, a clean bench, incubators, microscopes, and all other equipment necessary for the culture of human pluripotent stem cells under a Core ESCRO protocol
  • Group and Individual Training: Multiple small group, hands-on classes are offered every year on the culture of human pluripotent stem cells, and their differentiation into various lineages (e.g. neural differentiation). Custom individual training is also available.
  • Custom Workflows: Contact the Core directly to inquire about custom experimental workflows and differentiation schemes.
  • IRB and ESCRO Protocols: Assistance preparing IRB and ESCRO protocols.

For questions, contact Dr. Kuo-Chan (KC) Weng, the Core Director:

General Pricing

ServicesHourly Rate
Staff Hours (bench/experiment work)$80
Consultation Hours (research, planning, meetings, and other dry lab work)$70
Non-WUSTL affiliates add 30%
Deliverables (Contact Dr. Kuo-Chan Weng for pricing estimate and availability)
Human ESC (H1, H9)
Healthy Control iPSC (AN1.1, WTC11, etc.)
iPSC-Derived Cells (Neural Progenitors, Cardiomyocytes, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Adipocytes, etc.)
iPSC-Derived Organoids (Brain, Lung, Retinal Organoids)
Non-WUSTL affiliates add 30%
Equipment Rental
Microelectrode Array (MEA)
Non-WUSTL affiliates add 30%

Prices effective June 1, 2024 and are subject to change.


Kuo-Chan Weng, PhD

Kuo-Chan Weng, PhD

Director, Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

Thorold Theunissen, PhD

Thorold Theunissen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Developmental Biology; co-Director Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

The Theunissen lab investigates the molecular mechanisms regulating distinct pluripotent stem cell states and their applications in regenerative medicine.


Theunissen Lab website »

Lauren Boggs

Lauren Boggs

Research Technician, Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

Lauren joined the CRM HCTO in April 2022 as a research technician.