The Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids (HCTO) Core strives to make research using human pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives accessible to all researchers.

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Services Offered

Tissue Culture Facilities for Rent

Access to biosafety cabinets, a clean bench, incubators, microscopes, and all other equipment necessary for the culture of human pluripotent stem cells under a Core ESCRO protocol

Group and Individual Training

Multiple small group, hands-on classes are offered every year on the culture of human pluripotent stem cells, and their differentiation into various lineages (e.g. neural differentiation). Custom individual training is also available.

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines and Differentiated Cells

NIH-approved hESC lines (H1, H9), as well as differentiated cell types (e.g. neural progenitors, cardiomyocytes, astrocytes, etc)

Custom Workflows

Contact the Core directly to inquire about custom experimental workflows and differentiation schemes

IRB and ESCRO protocols

Assistance preparing IRB and ESCRO protocols



Hood Usage$15/hour
Staff-run Experiment$65/hour (media and reagents charged at cost)
Mycoplasma Testing$35/line
Cryopreservation$100 (up to 5 vials, each additional vial, $20)
Core-provided hESC line$175 (does not include Wi-Cell Fee)
Core-provided neural progenitors$1000 (1 vial)
Custom projectsContact KC for a quote (
Note: prices for non-WUSTL users add 30%


Introduction to hPSC Culture 
WUSTL Affiliates               $450
Non-WUSTL Affiliates    $750
Advanced Techniques in Neural Differentiation 
WUSTL Affiliates         $450
Non-WUSTL Affiliates     $750
Custom Individualized Training (Media, reagents, and plasticware charged at cost) 
WUSTL Affiliates            $65/hour
Non-WUSTL Affiliates    $90/hour

Prices effective November 1, 2021 and are subject to change.


Kuo-Chan Weng, PhD

Kuo-Chan Weng, PhD

Director, Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

Thorold Theunissen, PhD

Thorold Theunissen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Developmental Biology; co-Director Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

The Theunissen lab investigates the molecular mechanisms regulating distinct pluripotent stem cell states and their applications in regenerative medicine.   Theunissen Lab website »

Lauren Boggs

Research Technician, Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core

Lauren joined the CRM HCTO in April 2022 as a research technician.