Submission deadline:

Proposals OPEN, rolling submission

Start Date:

Decision within ~2-weeks after submission

See program overview by Dr. Farsh Guilak starting at time 7:44 in the video.

Center of Regenerative Medicine Postdoctoral Recruitment Fellowship

Program Description

The CRM is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support a $10,000 postdoctoral recruitment bonus for CRM faculty that are recruiting in the area of regenerative medicine. Our intent is to help our CRM faculty to attract the highest caliber postdoctoral talent to Washington University. We anticipate that these recruitment fellowships will increase the likelihood of top postdoctoral candidates accepting positions at our institution.


Awardees must be candidates for a postdoctoral position in a CRM faculty lab, and may not have accepted a prior postdoctoral offer at Washington University. Candidates must have less than 2-years of postdoc experience at the time the award would begin. There is no citizenship requirement, and equal consideration will be given to international candidates. Only candidates who will be working in the lab of a CRM faculty member on a regenerative medicine project are eligible.


We anticipate awarding three one-year recruitment fellowships per year, which will come in the form of a $10,000 signing bonus to the fellow.  This fellowship does not provide salary support; salary and benefits must be covered by host PI.  Review of applications will be on a rolling basis. Faculty should nominate a candidate to the CRM Fellow Selection committee before a fellow has agreed to come to WUSTL. Fellows should acknowledge CRM funding in publications, and are expected to participate in CRM activities and provide a brief progress report at the end of the 1-year fellowship period.


An internal selection committee identified by the leadership of the Center of Regenerative Medicine will review applications.  We appreciate that a rapid turn-around time is important and will do our best to make decisions in a timely fashion.

Application Instructions:

To nominate a postdoctoral candidate for this award, please submit the following information as a single PDF document:

  1. Cover page from the prospective PI, describing why this is an outstanding candidate
  2. Candidate’s CV
  3. Candidate’s letters of reference (as available, same as used to apply to PI’s lab)
  4. A 1-page research proposal, describing the research that the fellow will be conducting at WUSTL, including how it aligns with the mission of the CRM

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted to:

CRM Fellow Selection Committee

c/o Erica L Scheller DDS PhD


Questions may also be directed to Dr. Scheller (