Samantha Morris wins 2019 Innovator Award (Links to an external site)

Samantha Morris wins 2019 Innovator Award
Samantha Morris, Assistant Professor of Genetics and of Developmental Biology, was awarded a 2019 Innovator Award from the Academy of Science in St. Louis. The Innovator Award recognizes a scientist or engineer – age 40 or under – who has demonstrated exceptional potential for future accomplishments in science, engineering or technology. Congratulations to Dr. Morris!

Regis O’Keefe wins Shands Award from ORS

Regis O’Keefe MD, PhD  (Professor and Head of Orthopedic Surgery) was honored with the Alfred R. Shands, Jr, MD Award at the 2019 meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society. This award is presented to a United States or Canadian citizen who has made significant contributions to orthopaedics. This award recognizes the devotion of a significant […]

Save the date for the 4th regenerative medicine symposium

Save the date for the 4th regenerative medicine symposium
The 4th Annual Regenerative Medicine Symposium will take place on March 12, 2019, 1-5pm in EPNEC. We’ll start things off with a poster session, followed by Needleman Graduate Fellow presentations, and end with a keynote from Arturo Alavarez-Buylla.

CRM celebrates faculty accomplishments

CRM celebrates faculty accomplishments
On January 9th, the Center of Regenerative Medicine celebrated the successes of some of our faculty members. Promotion to associate professor with tenure (Grant Challen, Medicine; Spencer Lake, Mechanical Engineering; Andrew Yoo, Developmental Biology), promotion to full professor (Indira Mysorekar, Ob/Gyn), fellowship in the AAAS (Lila Solnica-Krezel, Developmental Biology and Deborah Rubin, Medicine), and installation […]

New protocol leads to better stem cell-derived pancreatic B-cells (Links to an external site)

New protocol leads to better stem cell-derived pancreatic B-cells
Researchers in the Millman Lab have improved upon their previous protocol to generate pancreatic beta cells from human stem cells that more closely resemble authentic beta cells. Ultimately, scientists, like Millman, hope to use these cells as a cellular transplant to cure diabetes. Velazco-Cruz L, Song J, Maxwell KG, Goedegebuure MM, Augsornworawat P, Hogrebe NJ, […]

Gene therapy study has implications for nerve degeneration (Links to an external site)

Gene therapy study has implications for nerve degeneration
Aaron DiAntonio and Jeff Milbrant recently demonstrated the power of blocking the SARM1 pathway for preventing nerve degeneration. Building on previous work, they used adeno-associated virus to deliver a dominant-negative form of the SARM1 protein to mice. When axons in these mice were injured, they were resistant to degeneration. These studies have implications for many […]