David Curiel, MD, PhD

David Curiel, MD, PhD


Department of Radiation Oncology

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Core Usage & WUSTL Affiliations:

  • Biologic Therapeutics Center
  • Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)
  • Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • Siteman Cancer Center
  • Digestive Diseases Research Center Core (DDRCC)

Selected Grants and Awards:

  • Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Engineered viral vectors for cancer and regenerative medicine

Research in the Curiel Lab is focused on exploiting adenoviral agents for cancer therapeutics and regenerative medicine. Adenoviruses can be repurposed to carry genetic payloads to either kill cancer cells or to delivery therapeutic genes to defective cells. To achieve this, a main focus of the Lab is to modify the cell types that adenoviruses preferentially infects with the goal of targeted delivery. This can be achieved by engineering the shell of the virus. Dr. Curiel’s research also includes the development of imaging modalities for disease detection and monitoring of therapy outcomes. His Lab’s research program includes a strong bench-to-bed ethos with translation of promising strategies to the context of human clinical trials.

Recent Publications and News