David Gutmann, MD, PhD

David Gutmann, MD, PhD

Donald O. Schnuck Family Professor & Vice Chair for Research Affairs

Department of Neurology

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Core Usage and WUSTL Affiliations:

  • Director, Neurofibromatosis Center
  • Siteman Cancer Center
  • Children’s Discovery Institute
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Selected Grants and Awards:

  • 2012 Children’s Tumor Foundation Frederich Von Recklinghausen Award
  • 2013 WUSTL Distinguished Faculty Research Award
  • Alexander von Humboldt Research Award

Stem cell models and precision medicine for Neurofibromatosis

Research in the Gutmann laboratory leverages the Neurofibromatosis (NF) neurogenetic disease as a model genetic system to understand growth and differentiation in the normal brain. Current studies are focused on characterizing the genomic, genetic, cellular, and molecular factors that contribute to the development of nervous system tumors and cognitive problems. Defining these contributing factors represents the first step toward establishing new treatments for children and adults with NF. Moreover, NF provides unique opportunities to unravel the complexities of related medical problems in the general population, including adult and childhood brain tumors, breast cancer, and autism. Laboratory investigations employ a wide variety of techniques, including novel genetically-engineered mouse strains and patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells.

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