Farshid Guilak, PhD

Farshid Guilak, PhD

Co-Director, Center of Regenerative Medicine; Mildred B. Simon Professor of Orthopedic Surgery; Director of Research, Shriner's Hospitals - St. Louis

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Core Usage & WUSTL affiliations:

  • Musculoskeletal Research Center (MRC)
  • WU Center for Cellular Imaging (WUCCI)

Selected Awards:

  • Howley Prize for Arthritis Research
  • President, Orthopaedic Research Society
  • Dean’s Award for Mentoring
  • Arthritis Foundation Investigator Award
  • Cell & Molecular Bioengineering Innovator Award

Deconstructing and Reconstructing Biology for Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine

The Guilak laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the etiology and pathogenesis of musculoskeletal conditions as a basis for the development new regenerative therapies. The primary focus of the lab is the study of arthritis & other joint diseases. By combining principles of engineering & developmental biology, their goal is to deconstruct the processes that drive tissue development & function, and to then reconstruct & even improve these processes by using custom-designed stem cells & biomaterials. These studies focus on adult mesenchymal & adipose-derived stem cells, as well as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Specifically, recent work in the laboratory has focused on the development of a bioartificial human joint replacement based on three-dimensional weaving combined with adult human stem cells. They are also using new methods in synthetic biology & genome engineering to create “designer” stem cells with built in gene circuits to allow auto-regulated responses to environmental signals, such as inflammation. An important emphasis of the lab is on the translation of basic research to pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Recent Publications & News

Farshid Guilak, PhD

CRM Co-Director Elected to National Academy of Engineering

CRM Co-Director, Farsh Guilak PhD, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for “contributions to regenerative medicine and mechanobiology and their application to the development of clinical therapies.” Election to the National Academy of Engineering is among the highest professional distinctions accorded to an engineer. Congratulations, Farsh, on this richly-deserved honor.