Joseph Corbo, MD, PhD

Joseph Corbo, MD, PhD


Department of Pathology and Immunology

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Core Usage & WUSTL Affiliations:

  • Pathology & Immunology Flow Cytometry Core
  • Genome Technology Access Center (GTAC)
  • The Hope Center for Neurological Disorders

Selected Grants and Awards:

  • Research to Prevent Blindness
  • Children’s Discovery Institute

Photoreceptor gene regulatory networks and regeneration

Research in the Corbo Lab is focused on understanding, predicting, and preventing retinal diseases. They utilize both whole-genome strategies, as well as basic biology approaches to understand and manipulate the light-sensing photoreceptor cells of the eye. One major focus of the lab is to understand the gene regulatory network that control the development and function of photoreceptors and identify potential therapeutic targets for blindness. Similarly, they seek to identify novel retinal disease genes and other non-coding variations that can contribute to blindness. Dr. Corbo is also working to treat blindness by reprogramming affected rod photoreceptor cells into less-susceptible cone photoreceptors. Finally, they hope to introduce engineered light-sensitive proteins into the retina of blind individuals to restore light sensing abilities.

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