New Rai Lab paper

Yan, H., Duan, X., Pan, H., (…), Rai, M.F., Pham, C.T.N. Development of a peptide-siRNA nanocomplex targeting NF- κB for efficient cartilage delivery. Sci Rep, 9:442, 2019.

New paper from Rai and Sandell Labs

Rai, M.F., Brophy, R.H., Sandell, L.J. Osteoarthritis following meniscus and ligament injury: insights from translational studies and animal models. Curr Opin Rheumatol, 31:70-79, 2019.

New paper from the Rai Lab

Brophy, R.H., Rothermich, M.A., Tycksen, E.D., Cai, L., Rai, M.F. Presence of meniscus tear alters gene expression profile of anterior cruciate ligament tears. J Ortho Res, 36:2612-21, 2018.