Thorold Theunissen receives NIH New Innovator Award

Thorold Theunissen, Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology, received the prestigious NIH DP2/New Innovator Award for his project “Resolving epigenetic instability during pluripotent state transitions: a roadmap for exploiting the biomedical potential of dynamic human stem cell states”.

Thor Theunissen interviewed in Cell Stem Cell, gives advice to next generation

Thor Theunissen, CRM member and Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology, was interviewed in the March 7th issue of Cell Stem Cell as part of their “Advice for the next generation” series. Thor talks about preparing for interviews, starting his lab, and time management.

Graduate students in CRM labs receive prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Three graduate students in CRM labs have been awarded the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship: Christy Hoffman (Morris Lab), Sophia DeGeorgia (Kaufman Lab), and Daniel Veronese Paniagua (Millman Lab). Laura Fischer (Theunissen Lab) received an honorable mention. Congratulations to all.

Welcome to Rowan Karvas, CRM Fellow in the Theunissen Lab

The CRM and the Theunissen Lab welcome Rowan Karvas PhD as a new CRM Fellow in Regenerative Medicine. Rowan received her PhD from the University of Missouri and will work on engineering 3D microenvironments to model early human development. Welcome, Rowan!