Ting Wang named inaugural Loewentheil Distinguished Professor

Ting Wang (Professor of Genetics) has been named the Sanford C. and Karen P. Loewentheil Distinguished Professor of Medicine. He and his team apply the tools of computer science to answer biological questions, conducting research that could help unravel the complex genetics of many diseases.

New publication from the Wang Lab

Keleher, M.R., Zaidi, R., Hicks, L., (…), Wang, T., Cheverud, J.M. A high-fat diet alters genome-wide DNA methylation and gene expression in SM/J mice. BMC Genomics, 19:888, 2018.

New Wang lab publication

Wang Y, Song F, Zhang B, (…), Wang T, Yue F. The 3D Genome Browser: A web-based browser for visualizing 3D genome organization and long-range chromatin interactions. Genome Biol. 19, 151, 2018.

Wang Lab publication

Zhang C, Lee HJ, Shrivastava A, (…), Pollok BA, Wang T. Long-Term In Vitro Expansion of Epithelial Stem Cells Enabled by Pharmacological Inhibition of PAK1-ROCK-Myosin II and TGF-β Signaling. Cell Rep, 25:598-610.e5

Needleman Fellows in Regenerative Medicine Awarded to 4 Students

Congratulations to Lara Pferdehirt (Guilak Lab), Ali Ross (Guilak Lab), Yiran Hou (Wang Lab), and Ashraf Kabir (Choi Lab) on being named Philip and Sima Needleman Graduate Fellows in Regenerative Medicine! These awards are made possible though the generous support of Dr. and Mrs. Needleman. Megan Radyk (Mills Lab) and Bisi Fashemi (Mysorekar Lab) had […]