The TRM program will be overseen by an executive committee comprised of the Program Director, an internal advisory board, and an ad hoc postdoctoral fellow representative, selected by the advisory board.

Additional governance will come from the leadership of the Center of Regenerative Medicine and its external advisory board, and Erin Heckler, PhD, Director of Postdoctoral Affairs, who will serve as an external reviewer for the program.

Administrative support will be provided by Angela Bowman PhD, Executive Director of the CRM, and Jim Maus, Grant Specialist for the Program Director.

Program Director

Farshid Guilak, PhD

Co-Director, Center of Regenerative Medicine; Mildred B. Simon Professor of Orthopedic Surgery; Director of Research, Shriner’s Hospitals – St. Louis

TRM Advisory Board

Philip Bayly, PhD

The Lilyan & E. Lisle Hughes Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

The Bayly lab studies dynamic, mechanical phenomena in biomedical systems, including cortical folding and tissue mechanics in traumatic brain injury.


Bayly Lab website »

Robert Mecham, PhD

Alumni Endowed Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology

The Mecham Lab studies how the extracellular matrix influences tissue development and regulates growth factor signaling.


Mecham Lab website »

Tracey Hermanstyne, PhD

Instructor, Department of Medicine and Developmental Biology and Co-Director, Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity

External Reviewer

Erin Heckler, PhD

Director of Postdoctoral Affairs